• Maximise The Value of Your Growing Media Business

    You’ve created great information, media or events products. You’ve built a loyal team, and your customers love to work with them. Revenues are growing.

    Now it’s about creating value: quality of earnings, maximising core market share, raising barriers to entry, having a focused plan for growth. That means making better strategic plans and decisions. It means taking your products to the next level, optimising your sales structure and strategy, building a robust finance function and creating the governance structures that support it all.

    And if you’re thinking about exit, have you made the investments, resourcing decisions and strategic plans that will maximise the value of your business?

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  • Dedicated to entrepreneurs. Centuries of experience.

    Since 2006, Collingwood Advisory has been working with media, events, information and membership entrepreneurs on strategy, scaleup, value creation, exit planning and M&A.

    Our team has centuries of experience across the sector. We’ve built and sold our own companies, we’ve worked on dozens of M&A deals both as buyers and sellers, and we’ve run big businesses for major corporates. We have specialist expertise in leadership, product development, marketing, sales and finance.

    Collingwood Advisory works exclusively for entrepreneurs. We translate best practice from corporates into tools that work for independent owners. We’re trusted by the major buyers, but we are never conflicted.

    And we’re here for the journey: advising you as Founders and CEOs, supporting your senior teams. We don’t write elegant reports and then leave you to implement. We stay the course. We work with you to create value.

“You ensured we got the best possible deal from the best possible buyer... My only regret is not asking you to help us 12-18 months before our target sale date, when we would have had more time to implement your value adding ideas”

Kieron Osmotherly, CEO, TowerXchange (sold to Euromoney)

Growing Value Together

We know that you aren’t just doing this for the money: you want to build a great company, create value and legacy, and achieve your life goals. 

We break down the value creation process into programmes to develop your core products, optimise your sales structure, build strategic plans and ultimately prepare for sale. Our highly experienced CFOs can restructure and professionalise your finance function. And we’re unafraid of rapid change: our Digital Pivot programme supported many media and events businesses through the impact of the Covid crisis.

Understanding the DNA of your business

Our directors are entrepreneurs like you. We know that every company is different, and that your customers will have specific needs. We’ll work closely with you to understand how your business ticks, and make sure you have a strategic plan and structure that makes the most of your company's unique character.

Sharing best practice from corporates

As you scale up, you can find yourself reinventing the wheel. Our advisory team has a wealth of experience, templates and techniques honed from centuries of experience. It’ll all help you to scale more quickly and with less risk.

We’re changing the way entrepreneurs grow and sell their businesses.

"Collingwood have worked with us on governance, decision-making and value propositions, which has helped us to increase our revenues and retention rates. Collingwood understand the DNA of our business. They provide very human, practical support, and they challenge us. It’s changing our business for the better.”

Ruth Yarnit, CEO, White October Events

“Collingwood's vast advisory and M&A experience give them an excellent eye for maximising value. Within two years of the launch of one of our businesses, they secured us a 7-figure exit.”

Alex Williamson, Founder & CEO, Bio-Based World Founder & CEO, SmartRail World (sold to DVV Media) and Managing Director, Tank World Expo (sold to Easyfairs)

"We asked Collingwood to help us to streamline the business and build a new plan. Working with them helped us to quickly adapt our product set and reshape our teams. They see every challenge as an opportunity and have got a deep understanding of where we've been, where we're at and where we need to get to. They're part of my business."

George Rockett, CEO, DataCentre Dynamics

The Scaleup Toolkit

Freeing Yourself to Build a Valuable Company

It’s hard to make long-term strategic decisions when your focus is on the day-to-day challenges of sales and client delivery. What you do as CEO today will change the future profitability, resilience and value of your company. Download The Scaleup Toolkit now for advice on how to avoid running up against your own limitations, break free of the day-to-day and build value in your company.

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“We’ve been working with Collingwood Advisory for the past year, which has had an immediate and significant impact on our business. Through regular and structured board meetings, and ad-hoc support, they have helped us rethink how we grow our business, retain more clients and increase our operating margins. We view them as an integral part of our Board.”

Toby Daniels, Founder & CEO, crowdcentric - owner and operator of Social Media Week

Selling your business

Putting you, the entrepreneur, first

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Matching your company’s brand and values to the buyer

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Advising on profit growth and creation, not just brokering the deal

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Getting inside the mind of the buyer

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“Collingwood's approach is deep and detailed. It's refreshingly honest and candid, but they hit the right note between support and challenge. Working with them has been fast-paced, results-driven and even pretty enjoyable. We've learned a lot - they are real experts, with drive and enthusiasm.”

Tom Dunkerley, CEO, Sift

“You really want to know what ‘good’ looks like. That’s where Piers is an invaluable adviser and partner. He has great experience in all stages of development, mapping out growth to create a sustainable, valuable company.”

Alex Johnson, CEO, GFC Media Group

About us

Decades of experience launching, growing and selling media businesses

Piers Bearne

Piers Bearne is an entrepreneur and investor who has built and sold his own media businesses, and who has worked on M&A for major buyers, both as CEO and consultant.

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Rewa Bouji

Rewa Bouji has 15 years of experience advising on and delivering large-scale, complex, IT-enabled change and business transformation in blue-chip organisations, through new and innovative approaches to collaborative delivery and commercial models.

Full Bio →

Julian Graves

Julian Graves has worked across a wide variety of industry sectors and in a number of capacities, from content to marketing and business leadership.

Full Bio →

Daniel Pitchford

Daniel Pitchford is an entrepreneur and tech VC whose first business was acquired by Informa within 18 months of launch.

Full Bio →

Fergus Gregory

Fergus Gregory is an experienced B2B media business leader who has spent over 15 years in the world of media, subscriptions, and events.

Full Bio →

Jenefer Thoroughgood

Jenefer Thoroughgood is an expert in engaging customers to develop great products. She has over 20 years' experience in digital media and SaaS.

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Richard Spilsbury

Richard is an experienced corporate financier and adviser who has worked on over 40 completed transactions.

Full Bio →

Rebecca King

Rebecca has over 17 years' experience in global B2B media as a marketing and project management leader.

Full Bio →

Nick Fallon

Nick Fallon is a highly experienced business leader and strategic adviser who has held a range of group-level and operating leadership roles in information and media businesses.

Full Bio →

Carolyn Morgan

Carolyn Morgan has over 25 years' experience as a media and events executive and adviser. She has successfully led media businesses to profitability and taken brands onto new media platforms including print, TV, digital and events.

Full Bio →

Andy Baker

Andy Baker has over twenty years’ experience of building digital media businesses, including start-ups, turnarounds and acquisitions.

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Chris Downham

Chris Downham is a Chartered Accountant and experienced CFO with extensive SME experience.

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Amy Sheridan

Amy Sheridan has over 20 years’ experience in corporate communications, events management and public relations, and is the Founder of Bespoke PA.

Full Bio →

Mark Bethell

Mark Bethell is a highly experienced CFO and business adviser who has worked on transactions both as a buyer and on behalf of entrepreneurs. He is a chartered accountant and holds a law degree.

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Simon Crompton-Reid

Simon Crompton-Reid is a community builder, digital media leader, and content creator with over 20 years' experience in B2B media and communities.

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Annabelle Mayhew

Annabelle Mayhew

Annabelle Mayhew is an entrepreneur, sales leader and process development expert with over 14 years’ B2B and B2C experience.

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Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen

Rebecca Allen is a strategic business leader with 20 years of experience driving the growth of digital marketing businesses across media, SaaS, martech and agency services.

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Allen Gibbons

Allen Gibbons

Allen Gibbons is an experienced senior executive and board director, and an expert in business transformation. His experience covers strategy formulation, new product development and M&A.

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Jordan Sheridan

Jordan Sheridan

Jordan Sheridan is a strategic adviser with over five years of experience in management consulting.

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Patrick Reichle

Patrick Reichle

Patrick Reichle is an adviser with over five years' experience in data analytics and process automation.

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