Growing Your Media Business

The Three Year Value Leap

Many entrepreneurs scale up their businesses in an intuitive fashion, adding resources and products in response to market feedback.

Being customer-driven is fundamental to value creation, but it isn’t enough. The investment and structuring decisions you take today will affect the profitability, resilience and value of your business in 18 months’ time and in 36 months’ time, whether or not you sell your business then.

Our three year planning methodology for media businesses helps entrepreneurs to firm up their core values and purpose, engage team members in a vision for scaleup, and create a rational process for proposing, evaluating, testing and implementing the investment decisions that will maximise the value of your growing business:

  • Governance
  • Market sizing, competitor analysis, positioning
  • Growing communities and deepening engagement
  • Client retention and yield per client per annum
  • New business development strategy and resourcing
  • New product development
  • Geographical expansion
  • Executive Team coaching and mentoring
  • Investment in team development and training

Working on your business, not in your business

Our goal is that you are in a position where the company is working independently of your efforts, and where there is a simple and clearly communicated path to value growth.

Collingwood Advisory’s team will work with you and your team to create equity value.

We follow a professional Board-led process, and will help you to energise growth in your company, without stepping on your team’s toes.


Collingwood Advisory Three Year Value Leap

Collingwood Advisory are an absolutely integral part of the Raccoon Events team. As entrepreneurs, it is invaluable for us to be able to call on their skills and expertise at key times in the event cycle. Collingwood have helped refine our business strategy by questioning our assumptions and proposing new ideas or ways of working that have led to increased growth and efficiency. They have honesty and integrity, combined with an infectious passion for scaling businesses. Being an entrepreneur can be a lonely place, but it’s made a lot easier if you have Collingwood in your corner.

Mike Seaman, Founder & MD, Raccoon Events

“Collingwood Advisory’s advice has been absolutely critical to the development of Leaders over the last 4 years. From the time Piers walked in, we have improved our people, processes and decisions and he kept us laser focussed on how to achieve growth. He and Julian have worked with us to strengthen our market position and profitability and charted a course to the recent sale of the business at a time and on terms that were dictated by us. We would not have achieved this without them.”

James Worrall, Founder & CEO, Leaders in Sport

"Julian has supported IACCM since 2016 and has been instrumental in refining our events strategy and driving demonstrable improvements in the structure, content and overall quality of our global conferences."

Sally Hughes, CEO, IACCM

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