November 17, 2022 – New York

An application-only event bringing together publishing, events, information and media Founders and CEOs

Star Guest Q&A: Scaling Through Uncertainty

Venue: Edie’s Speakeasy, The Factory 380, 380 3rd Ave, New York 10016
Time: 5.30-7.30pm ET

The panel will be discussing the strategies used to enable consistent growth, through varying economic climates.

What resilience planning really means, and why it should be a core part of any growth strategy. And how to keep moving forwards rather than stand still when, as history has illustrated, uncertainty provides opportunity.


This will be a great chance to build your network, share experiences and get to know fellow entrepreneurs among the Media Entrepreneur Meetup community.

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Q & A Speakers

Ted Bongiovanni

Ted Bongiovanni, Senior Director, New Ventures, Consumer Reports

Ted has more than 20 years of experience in new media, education, and technology to help organizations meet the challenges of the digital age. He has led product development for Consumer Reports, New York University, Columbia University, as well as Y&R Brands and entrepreneurial nonprofits including MOUSE.

When not working on new products at CR, Ted is a passionate educator who has taught graduate students and university faculty alike how to teach online, create digital platforms and make the most of them. He is the author of the Savvy Online Student (Routledge, 2013.)

George YedinakGeorge Yedinak, Executive Vice President, Publisher & Founder, Aging Media

George is the co-founder of Aging Media Network & Executive Vice President and leads the organization’s commercial strategy and execution since its inception in 2011. George has accelerated the growth of AMN’s events and custom content businesses across its five verticals over the last 6 years. He has extensive knowledge of the aging and healthcare markets.