Purpose, Values and Code Of Conduct


To foster knowledge-sharing, collaboration and best practice among media entrepreneurs


As community members:

  • Pay It Forward: We support other members without expecting a return, particularly those at early or challenging stages of their company’s journey.
  • Encouraging: We value the input of new voices and welcome new perspectives and ideas.
  • Courtesy and Respect: We choose to be kind and polite to each other. We encourage everyone to be tactful and constructive in their response to the views and opinions of others. Everyone has views that deserve to be respected unless those views are rooted in bigotry or prejudice. Intolerance is not tolerated.
  • Thoughtful Language: We understand that words online are typed without the context of facial expressions or audible cues, and so are open to misinterpretation. If someone said something offensive, there’s a good chance they didn’t mean it to be taken that way. All the same, if you are hurt or offended by something you have read, please alert Simon.
  • Confidentiality: We understand that frankness and honesty create value in a community, and that confidentiality fosters frankness and honesty. If sharing information outside the community that was garnered within it, then Chatham House Rule applies: “participants are free to use the information received, but neither the identity nor the affiliation of the speaker(s), nor that of any other participant, may be revealed.”
  • Social Responsibility: We understand that businesses have a wider responsibility to the communities from which they draw talent than simply tax revenue. We actively encourage social responsibility and inclusivity among our peers.

Code of Conduct

  • No Politics: Complaining about particular legislation is fine, but no more than that. It just fosters division, and there’s lots of other forums for those discussions.
  • Product and Service Selling: Is not allowed. If someone requests information in an area in which you also offer a service then fair enough, but beyond that no advertising or sharing of content in which you have a commercial interest.
  • Recruitment: It’s ok to post job openings or recommend staff within reason.
  • Relevance:  Occasional detours are fine, but entire threads devoted to matters not of concern to the wider media entrepreneur community should be avoided.