Meetup September 2021

We’ve all relearned this important lesson in 2020-21: however hard it’s been, make sure you understand and deliver value to your audiences… and they will reward you.

Our September Meetup featured a star guest Q&A on how to get those rewards, with two quite different business leaders.

From Communities to Audience Lifetime Value: Star Guest Q&A with Finola McDonnell and Tim Else

Finola McDonnell

Finola McDonnell is a member of the FT Group’s Exec Board. She was named Campaign’s Business Leader of the Year in 2020 for establishing The New Agenda, positioning the FT on the side of responsible business. Finola  was recently named among Marketing Week’s Top 100 Marketers, and is working with sales and marketing teams to better understand and develop customer lifetime value.
Tim Else

As Managing Director of Western Business Exhibitions, Tim Else led the sale of the company to Nineteen Group, overseeing post acquisition integration. He is now an investor and is launching new community-led B2B event brands.


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