Roundtable: How to grow market share and develop great talent through Diversity and Inclusion

Key Takeaways

In this recent Roundtable we learned about the challenges faced by other Founders in pursuing their D&I agenda, and uncovered specific actions we can all take now to shift the dial on diversity and inclusion.

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  • Bring more layers into your products to attract a larger audience
  • Discover new channels to reach a broader audience and more diverse job candidates
  • Improve your recruitment strategy and employee retention rate by enhancing workplace inclusivity
  • Demonstrate your commitment to existing and prospective employees and customers by transparent communication of your intentions



Ashanti Bentil-Dhue

Ashanti Bentil-Dhue, Founder, Diversity Ally, which is dedicated to helping the global media and events industry to become diverse and inclusive in its culture, people and image. Diversity Ally recently entered into an alliance with Informa Markets to “strengthen [their] diversity and inclusion practices through the development of senior management and wider colleague training programmes, and the provision of bespoke guidance and support to Informa Markets’ colleague networks.”


Simon Crompton-Reid

Simon Crompton-Reid, Co-Host, Media Entrepreneur Meetup

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