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Since 2009, the annual MediaFutures survey has gathered data from media firms of all sizes, across B2B and consumer media, to help them define ‘good’ performance, respond to industry trends and allow the media industry to learn from their peers. In late 2022, we partnered with MediaFutures to produce the 2022-2024 MediaFutures Report.

The MediaFutures survey contains more than 50 questions, covering both ‘hard’ measures of performance like annual revenue, and ‘softer’ measures like the degree of confidence respondents have in the future financial success of their company. It captures current realities and predictions for the next two years, and spans everything from investment plans to staffing issues, from M&A activity to product development priorities.

The full MediaFutures report has a wealth of data that covers the entire media industry and to connect you with the data you’re interested in quicker, this first Collingwood ‘cut’ focuses on just one area of MediaFutures data: revenue.

The Collingwood ‘cut’ draws rich insights from analyses of just a few MediaFutures survey questions, mainly looking at the data from smaller B2B media firms, to explore what good looks like in terms of revenue per full time employee (FTE) and revenue growth. Through it, you can understand the drivers and barriers businesses are experiencing to revenue growth.

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