New School Sales and Client Delivery: how to deal with 6.8 decision makers

Media, events and business intelligence sales is changing at Internet speed. Decision making groups are getting larger, decision cycles longer, ROI data more closely scrutinised.

In the businesses we chair and invest in, we have stopped trying to solve this problem on our own. The goalposts are just moving too fast, so we work with Flume Training, a very modern, dynamic and learning-oriented company whose trainers have revolutionised our sales cultures and approach to client delivery. Our CEO business partners love them


Product salespeople are becoming redundant; telemarketers and phone jockeys are endangered species; clients want something completely different. According to CEB Research, 53% of the reason why clients choose to work with media providers is down to what they get from the sales experience itself. In Flume’s words: “The sales experience refers to everything you do with your client. Despite what clients often say, cost is not the most important factor in deciding which supplier they work with – in fact it only represents 9% according to CEB’s research.

The infographic below summarises this nicely. For the full white paper, go to Flume’s site.