Podcast: The Founder’s Journey with Terry O’Dwyer – The Dan Assor Show

Collingwood has partnered with the Dan Assor Show to bring you a series of podcasts on media founders and their impact in the industry. For the first episode, Terry O’Dwyer Co-founder and CEO of LSX sat down with host Dan and Collingwood Founder, Piers Bearne to chat through the recent sale of LSX to Informa PLC.

Since 2014, LSX has established itself as a global powerhouse in life science deal making by growing a collection of partnering and strategy events that have played a crucial role in fundraising and M&A for global Biotech, Medtech and Healthtech companies.

In September 2023 it was announced that LSX had been acquired by Informa Connect, for an industry leading valuation, and joined the Informa Connect Life Sciences family of platforms and products serving the Biopharma partnering and investment communities.

Listen to the episode in full to hear more about Terry’s journey to sale, as well as:

  • Terry’s core motivations behind starting the business
  • How Terry prepared for the journey into entrepreneurship
  • The importance of having the right business partner
  • Transforming from a regular event led business to a partnering platform
  • Why Technology should be seen as enabler to serve the value proposition
  • Considerations on implementing a 1-1 partnering & model
  • Challenges faced in internationalising the business and how they overcame them
  • Preparing the business for sale

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