Selling Your Media Business

Putting you, the entrepreneur, first

For most entrepreneurs, selling your company is much more than an exercise in value creation. It’s about your life goals: learning, freedom, the ability to create new roles for yourself post-sale. Our philosophy is to weave these crucial strands into the fabric of the Information Memorandum, the negotiation process and the sale documentation.


Matching your company’s brand and values to the buyer

Earnouts can be a source of concern to entrepreneurs. The ideal buyer is not just the highest payer. If there is the right strategic and cultural fit, and a growth path for core employees, then the deal will be stronger, and any earnout more valuable to both parties. We will work with you and your selected buyer to ensure that there is a shared vision and business plan for your company, team and brands post-sale. Even more importantly, we can support you and your management team through this transition – agreeing an earnout deal doesn’t mean going back and working for a corporate, especially if you plan well.


Advising on profit growth and creation, not just brokering the deal

Selling your company is not about drafting an attractive IM and running an auction. It’s about working on the fundamental drivers of growth and value creation.

If you’re ready to go to market now, we can help you with your forward plan to make sure it is robust, realistic, fully costed and deliverable. There is no point getting a great headline number and then missing your targets during an earnout. We will make sure both you and the buyer are bought into an achievable plan.

If you’re 18-36 months out from exit, even better. We will work with you on strategy, resourcing and investment decisions to ensure that you get maximum value when you do sell the business.


Getting inside the mind of the buyer

Yes, we are smart negotiators. We know how to create competition, and how to get a high multiple for your business.

But that’s just the beginning. Once the deal is agreed, and you’ve selected the ideal buyer, the dynamics change. Due diligence begins. We negotiate on the detail of the share or asset purchase agreement, and on your service agreement if there is an earnout, and on the apportionment of risk.

This is where you need an insider’s view. In the past, we’ve led deals for major acquirers. We’ve presented Board papers and been the internal champions for deals just like the one you are planning to pull off, and we know what fears, constraints and misunderstandings can derail a transaction, or lead to a price chip, or – worse – create roadblocks just when you are starting your earnout.

And because we are entrepreneurs like you, we will move mountains to keep your deal on track, and your relationship with the buyer positive.

Exit Hacks - 7 Ways to Maximise Your Company’s Sale Value

Preparing your business for sale starts before you even begin trading. If you keep value creation and exit at the heart of your business planning, investment and scaleup decisions, you will reach your financial and personal goals more easily.

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“Collingwood Advisory’s advice has been absolutely critical to the development of Leaders over the last 4 years. From the time they walked in, we have improved our people, processes and decisions, and they kept us laser focussed on how to achieve growth. The Collingwood team worked with us to strengthen our market position and profitability and charted a course to the recent sale of the business at a time and on terms that were dictated by us. We would not have achieved this without them.”

James Worrall, CEO, Leaders in Sport

“We didn’t just get a savvy negotiator who ensured we got the best possible deal from the best possible buyer, we also got a mentor, confidant and speaker of hard truths.”

Kieron Osmotherly, CEO, TowerXchange (sold to Euromoney, December 2017

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